My Russian Dwarf Hamster Blog

My Russian dwarf hamster is a boy. He is about a year and a month old and is very energetic. His name is Copper. Copper is awake most of the time in the day, but still is a bit nocturnal. He has a little stripe down his back and looks like this:


This is Copper, a pic I took of him

So he’s living a pretty great life. He has treats such as apple, carrots, broccoli, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. All hamsters can eat that, but with restrictions. Only 4 sunnies a day, 2 pumpkin seeds a day, 1-2 slices of apple a week, 1-3 bits of carrot, and 1-2 bits of broccoli. But that’s the maximum of all the treats, so I wouldn’t give it all to you hamster. But they do need the occasional carrot or broccoli or apple. They can only have it RAW.

His food packet does have some problems, though. Sometimes, we’ve found bugs crawling inside. They were just white bugs, but that’s still pretty bad. It’s ’cause the food packet was air-dried and natural. So we had to buy another packet, same brand, though.

On to the stuffing. He uses a nice kind of stuffing we bought at our local pet store, and he likes it. What is really bad is if you buy wood shavings because some wood is toxic to hamsters, like  I think cedar and pine. To be safe, I wouldn’t buy wood shaving whatsoever.

He also has many forms of entertainment and exercise. He has a playpen fence thing where we can just put him in with a bunch of toys and he’s mostly happy. Add food, he’s happy. In the exercise department, he has a flying saucer, a ball, a hovering wheel, a wheel, and a too-small wheel. The flying saucer is hard to explain so here’s a pic of it:


That is the same flying saucer I have, but not the hamster breed. That’s a roborovski hamster


He also has a ball, and it is also hard to explain what it looks like so I will show you a pic:


That is a hamster ball. The hamster can run around your house safely and in the ball, and they can only stay in there for 10-15 mins.

The wheel isn’t a wire wheel, because those are too dangerous, as your hamster’s foot could get caught in there. I have a wheel that is orange without holes. And the hover wheel is hard to explain without pictures so here’s one:


That’s all folks!